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Don’t Stop Believin’

I am getting some help on this blog post thanks to Journey and their song “Don’t Stop Believing.”

While at the party in the Philippines on our last night, Day 8 (Jess’s View), Bong was trying to get everyone to start singing some songs for videoke. A few people sang some songs. Then Jordan and Krya picked out the song “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey. They dragged me into it, which I really didn’t mind, and we started singing. I quickly fell back into my ways as a high schooler while hanging with these two. It felt good to be back at that point where anything could be fun. As long as you are having fun, it really didn’t matter how you looked or what people were thinking. We belted out the lyrics with enthusiasm and an overwhelming joy. We couldn’t help but laugh our way through the entire song.

Boisterous Solitude

Among the many things that we experienced while in the Philippines, we experienced a fairly noisy environment. We were well away from the big city bustle, but that didn’t keep the noise down. But before you begin to think that the noise bothered me, think again, it didn’t. The neighbor dog barking wildly, Two-stroke motorcycles, diesel cars and trucks and other forms of locomotion, many without noise suppression, constantly passed by Rehoboth in a fairly steady stream. Now I can only speak for myself, but it didn’t bother me. I quickly became used to it. The night proved to be in contrast, with nary a sound beside the wind, an occasional conversation drifting by and some insects clicking and clacking in the dark. While it is about the same noise level as home, it was somehow magnified by the contrast between day and night. I enjoyed those moments before heading off to bed, maybe holding a deep conversation with a team member, or just taking my time back up to the dorm to sleep. Even as a laid my head down for sleep, I could hear the peaceful silence, even through the steady snoring of some of the other men. I liked that. I wish that opening the windows wide was something you could do during Montana’s extended winter season.

A Sad Goodbye

I am reminded of the night that we had to say goodbye to the children and the workers. I changed the background on my work computer today from a picture of Glacier National Park to that night. Since I can’t put the picture up online (it is one of the children), I will describe it to you. There are a small group of the older children standing in front of the videoke machine.

A Servant’s Heart

Every night while at Rehoboth, we had a group devotion time in which one of my team members lead us to reflect on God’s word, and what we were doing in the Philippines. It was a great time that helped me reflect on what I was doing while there, and back at home in the states. I spent my days and nights writing in my journal about the events of each day, but I wasn’t taking the time to reflect on those events. Sometimes it can be hard to do that while you are in the moment. That is why I am here now writing to you. I have found myself over the past few days, since my return, reflecting on everything that God showed me.  The last night at Rehoboth, Josh McKenzie lead us in a night of reflection. This was a great time as we heard from everyone. It was inspiring to see what God had brought to everyone’s attention while on this mission trip.

(not) finding your groove

As I think of what to write in this post, I am conflicted as to it’s topic. Guess I’ll just have to touch on them all! Lets start with grooving. Not musical grooving, but life grooving or as I would like to call it, life trenching. We all have our routines and daily schedules. There is nothing wrong with a routine, but they can be blinding. Sometimes we can dig in pretty deep with our routines, so much so that we loose sight of the world around us. With my recent travels, my eyes have been reopened to the desperate need in the world around us. I do not want to loose sight of this. I don’t want to be the typical American, stupid to the world around us. We waste so much, and it takes so little to help. Some might want to give me a great big red light here and say “you don’t need to go around the world, there is need here!” And I agree! It is sad that it often takes an out of the normal trip away from our collective life-trenches to see the need both locally and abroad. My challenge, for myself and for you is to peak out your trench every now again, or preferably not dig one in the first place.

Snowshoeing in Yellowstone

Brent and I had the privilege to take a day and spend it snowshoeing around Mammoth in Yellowstone National Park on Saturday with some friends. We spent hours trekking around trails enjoying God’s wonderful creation of hotspots. It was quite the adventure, as we have never seen Yellowstone outside the context of summer. Snowshoeing has brought us a new view of God’s glory in which He has surrounded us. Please enjoy these photos.

Fresh Air

The “I suck at blogging, so here is what I’ve been up to” post

Well, it sure has been a while now, hasn’t it? Boy do I have a lot to share! First I would like to start of with talking about the upcoming trip to the Philippines. For those of you that don’t know. Jess and I are going to be traveling to the Philippines next week to serve at an orphanage. We were going to be working on building a health clinic, but the local workers have been at it so well that we will probably be relegated to finish work and landscaping.
We leave from Bozeman Wednesday morning, fly two hours to Seattle, four hour layover, 12 hour flight to Tokyo, 1.5 hour layover and six hour flight to Manilla and finally a three hour bus ride to Rehoboth Children’s home. Now is probably the part where you would expect an update about our funding for the trip and how we need you to visit this site and click on our names and donate. Actually, Jess and I are at 100% funding for the trip, but please feel free to visit this site and donate, the money won’t be wasted. Please stay tuned to this here little blog over the course of the next few weeks as I will be posting daily entries about our journey (thats right, I’ll have internet access in the Philippines!) as well as videos documenting the group and the progress we make.