Ten Months

Our little guy is now 10 months old! Though he’s not crawling yet, he can scoot and roll and can move quicker than both mom and dad are ready for. He’s a happy, healthy baby boy who brings regular joy into our lives. It helps that he sleeps through the night…DSC_5284Read the rest

Nine Months (3/4 Year Old)

Our little guy turned 9 month over the weekend! We were away camping up in Hyalite Canyon, south of Bozeman for the holiday weekend, so we finally got our monthly shot accomplished today. Speaking of camping, Elijah experienced his first camping trip and did great! He even slept through some thunder and lightning storms that passed through.… Read the rest

Eight Months

The little man turned Eight months this past week! He is cutting a couple teeth and is talking, rolling over and just doing more of everything. He loves watching mommy, daddy and brother Flynn. The latter is particularly adorable as he talks to Flynn when we all go for a ride in the car. … Read the rest

Pittsburgh and the G7

I recently was “transferred” for my job. I am still based out of Bozeman, but am now part of the Information Systems team for the parent company, Woodard & Curran. As you might recall, I traveled to Portland, ME in the Fall of 2014, this was to visit the very same company.… Read the rest

Six Months

Okay, he turned six month a couple weeks ago, but I was reminded that I hadn’t posted pictures on the good ol’ blog. We had fun taking photos of our little guy.

His stats as of his 6-month appoint were:

  • 15 lbs 5 oz
  • 24.75 inches



DSC_2041 DSC_2115 DSC_2128Read the rest

Five Months!

The little man has been on this earth for five whole months. He’s moving more and more and has taken to standing for minutes at a time (supported of course). He continues to show us more personality with each passing day. A full night’s rest still alludes our little progeny, but he’s getting close.… Read the rest

4 Months

Elijah is four months old today, so that naturally (at least for us) means that a new photo be taken and Elijah gets his four month checkup. He is now just an ounce shy of 13 pounds and a quarter inch shy of 24 inches. He had some shots, which he wasn’t a fan of (and gave me a hard time this afternoon at home) and was given a clean bill of health.… Read the rest

The Moon

I hope to get around to writing more on the exact subject of how I did this and what I used, but I feel like sharing this image here, as it has already been shared just about everywhere else. Long story short, I recently acquired a new camera (Panasonic Lumix G7) and some adaptors to use some lenses that were for a Minolta film camera that have been hanging out in a closet.… Read the rest

2016 – A New Year!

Well, we had intentions of sending out a Christmas email to everyone, then that turned into a New Year email and now it’s a belated Happy New Year from the Powell’s blog post. Usually I go into depth about the adventures of the past year, and there were definitely some of those.… Read the rest

3 Months!

Elijah celebrated his three month anniversary of being born yesterday, but we were travelling back home from a holiday vacation in Oregon. So here (only a day late) is his three month photo! It’s crazy how much he’s growing!-002Read the rest