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Guys, I have some running confessions to make. When I get out there on the streets, I tend to start to get negative thoughts about all the things that other people are doing. It is something that I am trying to work on, but it is a real struggle for me. I am not sure if I am the only one out there, but here it goes. This is what is going on inside my head so many times while I’m out there hitting the pavement instead of just enjoying the thing I love.

A Runner’s Confession

I am usually running with a dog in tow (actually he tends to try and tow me) and a thirty plus pound toddler in a stroller. This means I already have a lot going on that the typically sidewalk user doesn’t have. I head out and I am instantly getting frustrated over the little things. And this is all said inside my head, which is another reason I really need to work on it. Just because you don’t say something out loud, doesn’t make it any better.

“Why did that person park on the sidewalk! Ah, don’t they know people use it? And I have a stroller. Now I have to take my kid on the street! AGHH!”

“Why do they put the trash can in the middle of the sidewalk. Now I have to get on the street again!”

I’m coming up on people walking and they don’t move over for me to get by whether I’m coming up behind them or in front of them. “Can’t they see me or hear me talking to them!?!? We are suppose to share the sidewalk. I shouldn’t have to go on the street. ARGG!”

“These people really need to come and cut down their weeds and trees. They are scraping my legs and hitting my kid. Again, I have to go on the street! Ah!”

First off, yes I get frustrated taking my kiddo on the street. Second, I really need to calm down and not worry about it so much. I think I’ve come across one or two cars while going on the street and this happens during almost every run. And really, I am just overreacting. You guys, I feel like the worst person when I am out on a run. My mind doesn’t always go to places that it should. Obviously, did you read that stuff above? And those aren’t always my only complaints.

I really want to forget about that stuff and run along. I want to not worry about the things that others are doing, but take care of making myself a better person. I can’t change others, but I can change myself. I can stop these thoughts and turn them to a better topic. I think I tend to say these things, because I didn’t have to experience this type of stuff in Bozeman very often. I’m still not the biggest fan of The Dalles, so sometimes I find stupid excuses of why to to not like it. This still doesn’t change anything. I still shouldn’t go down this route.

Am I the only one out there? Is there anyone else who struggles with things like this while out on a run?

Well, I do find myself turning my thoughts to better things and sometimes I even pray. Let me tell you. This is the best thing I can do on a run. When I take this time to talk with God, it makes everything better. I forget about the stupid things that doesn’t matter. Taking this time to reflect on Him makes me a better person and it gives me a refocus towards what matters. It also helps me to think of others. You know when you say that you’ll pray for someone about something and you don’t always do that, well, I find running a great time to do that. Basically there are no excuses. Especially since I don’t run with headphones.

Whatever you believe, I want to encourage you to focus on God during these times. I know it’s going to help me change and I know it will help you as well.

Happy Running!

Side note: I know I need more/new running photos. Anyone up for taking any for me? My toddler really isn’t up for the task and the hubby is working during daylight hours.

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