Snow Day

Alright all you all. This Montana girl has been wanting snow and now that it is almost spring here in the state of Oregon, it has come! I can’t lie that I wasn’t liking the sun and warmer temperatures, but I was sad about Elijah missing out on snow adventures. Well, it came Saturday night and there was barely anything on the ground. I was sad. BUT…Sunday night it decided to snow some more and stick. Elijah was already in bed, so I was prepping myself for getting out in it as early as possible to enjoy it before it was gone.

Monday morning we got out in the backyard around 7:30 and hung out for almost two hours. Elijah just wanted to go around and around and around in circles with the sled. I was beyond excited that he was enjoying himself because last year when we were gifted with mounds of snow, he hated it!

Also, being outside in the snow with a toddler that was enjoying it for the first time while being at the beginning stages of potty training made for a long day! Ha. Besides that, it was one of the best mommy and kiddo days we have had in a while during the week. The smile on his face made the accidents totally worth it. By the end of the day when the snow was almost non-existent, he still wanted to go out there and take a ride in the sled. That meant the afternoon was filled with sled rides on grass and mud. Not the easiest for momma, but it really wasn’t the hardest thing to push a 30 plus pound kiddo around.

It’s now Tuesday afternoon, I am sitting on the floor recapping yesterday while the little man is playing with his cars and I’m watching more snow fall hoping that tomorrow can be another fun snow day in the backyard. This Montana girl’s heart is happy. Although, I’d really like to get out on a run in it, but that is better saved for a running blog post. Stay tuned.

P.S. I am not a NDSU Bison fan. In fact, it hurts a little to put him in this hat, but it’s cute and it was a gift from some North Dakota family. So anyways, if anyone wants to get him a kids Bobcat hat, I’d totally take it. =)

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