What am I running for?

The Struggle

These days as I struggle to get out for all my weekly running goes, I started asking myself what am I running for? Usually I am training for something and I have set goals and training days scheduled. For me, this makes it easier for me to get out during the week. I like having a big race scheduled out in the future. Even if it is months away and I don’t need to start training yet, it still helps me to stay motivated.

Last winter when I lived at my parents house after our move and we were looking for our own place, I had a built in babysitter. I would hope out on a run as soon as my little man was down for a nap. It didn’t matter if the roads were icy or covered in snow, I’d get out there. It was easy and a good excuse to get out of the house. I needed some time away from my parent’s house. I just needed that get away. This was my favorite part of my day.

Now, I am at my own house. I have a pile of things to do and the list never seems to get shorter. When I look outside and the weather isn’t ideal, I just want to hunker down and tackle my list. I also am not super excited about going out and pushing a 30 pound child up a hill. Also, have I mentioned we are in the middle of a house remodel? With all of these things going on and normal life, it doesn’t make me have much motivation to lace up the shoes, pack up the kiddo and dog and head out.

What am I running for?

I find myself looking for my next race, but I also keep telling myself to take a break. I’ve been plugging away at marathons for the last several years and after the little man came, I think my body just needs a break. However, I can’t contain myself and I just want to get out there and go sign up for my next marathon. So, I keep asking myself What am I running for? Basically, right now it is just to stay in shape for the next marathon. Otherwise, I will keep running for the health of it, but get back to running for training for a marathon soon.

Tell me Tell me

What have you been struggling with? What are you running for? I will do a real post on why I actually run later. For now, I’d love to hear from you. Comment below.


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