Pumpkin Patch Fun

At the beginning of October, we went up to Kent, WA to visit our friends that just moved there from the east coast. It is so nice to have them closer and we can’t wait for more opportunities to visit them. It was a beautiful weekend and we took the chance to head to the local pumpkin patch. Let’s just say Elijah had the most fun running around and climbing over all of the pumpkins. Some of these pumpkins were almost the size of him. They were huge! He just kept running around and yelling pumpkin everywhere we went. He wasn’t much help picking out a pumpkin, but he had a huge smile on his face, so I’d say the day was a win.

They also had a kid area where there were animals, a kid hay maze, a rubber duck race, a corn pit and so much more. These are the moments that make me smile as a momma. I love it and the joy that was on his face. He made all of us so happy and excited. I hope that these images do the same for you.

Posted by Jess

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