Smaller bites

I’m one to dream… BIG, sometimes too big. This tends to pervade most of my life. Most of the time, this is a good thing. At work, I tend to make things better because of dreaming big, but dreaming big has stalled me in my personal projects. I have these grand ideas, and the beginning stages of these ideas are entirely attainable. One simple thing is these blogs. I’ve written countless words on leadership, community, and general life, yet I haven’t posted much in the past year. My thoughts turn into essays, grand ideas in written form, too big for me to just push out to the world on this little soapbox without some serious introspection. So there those half-finished blogs sit, never being read. And that’s probably a good thing. I tend to wander beyond my ability to properly exposit my views and positions. So before this little post becomes one of those unfinished blogs, I’m going to boil my new project strategy into a few easy points.

  1. Procrastination – big dreams and procrastination don’t meld together well. I just need to do it!
  2. Inflation – I make projects harder than neccessary and impose too-strict of performance measures on my public work. Who cares if it’s not perfect (okay, I do, but you get my point), I just need to do it!!
  3. Justification – I used to make videos, photos, blogs, furniture, etc. because I loved crafting new things, but lately I’ve felt that everything must have a strategic purpose in order to warrant my time. In that, I’ve somewhat forgotten how to be expressively creative. I just need to do it!!!

So there’s some introspection to chew on. My goal is to just do what I can to be creative in what I do. I’ll still dream and scheme, and there’s some big things on the horizon, but for now I’ll take smaller bites.

Posted by Brent

So, I am a God fearing, husband to one amazing woman, an IT professional, camera wielding, part-time runner, outdoor enthusing, tinkering, coffee loving man. I am currently Co-Founder of Thirty Five Media in Bozeman, MT as well as an IT Manager for TREC, Inc. and a Creative Director at Venture Church. The plate is usually full, but I wouldn't trade it for anything!