Top 5 | November 2017

I am so excited to share some of my favorite things/go to items with you all! Starting now, I am going to do a top 5 for my favorite running things either monthly or quarterly. We will see where life takes me. This will be anywhere from my favorite shorts to my favorite drinks and food to my favorite go to people to anything even remotely related to running. This isn’t meant to be a review, just a quick why I love them.

1. Brooks Glycerin

I have to start with my favorite shoes. I have been running in these since the first time I went to get fitted for running shoes. I have tried a couple of other brands and even other Brooks, but I keep going bad to these shoes. They are comfortable, last longer than most and wear really well. These are my go to shoes.

2. Chocolate Milk

This is my go to post run recovery drink. I’m not talking about the muscle milk drinks here. Straight up chocolate milk. It tastes better than most other recovery drinks, it has chocolate and it makes you feel like a kid again. Studies have even shown that it is a good recovery drink.

3. Lululemon Headbands

My Lululemon hold my hair back and I love fun pop of color. I have lots of little hairs that like to do their own thing. I need to have something to control them otherwise they stick to my sweaty face.

4. Nu Nutrition

Nikki, the lady behind Nu Nutrition is the best. She has such a heart for helping others to become healthy. She recently launched her blog. It has been something she’s been talking about for years. She was by my side working out with me weekly during marathon training. I’m sure I’ll do a post specifically about her new venture, but for now go follow her here and on Instagram @nunutrition. Did I mention she is a Registered Dietitian? She’s a wealth of health knowledge. Just go check her out.

5. Oatmeal

This is my most favorite pre-long run and pre-race breakfast. You can mix so much goodness with it, but my favorite is peanut butter, a banana, berries, a dash or two of cinnamon and milk. Yum Yum. Serious goodness right here.

What are some of your favorite or go to items? What go to items do you want to hear about from me. Leave a comment and let me know. Here is to favorites!

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