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Since moving the The Dalles, Oregon a little over a year ago, I have been struggling with what to do with my life. I have been trying to figure out my purpose and how to connect with people in a new town. We weren’t originally planning on being in The Dalles since my husband works over in White Salmon, WA. Let’s face it, the housing market is crazy over there. Since we are a single income household, living in The Dalles made more sense even if it wasn’t what we originally wanted. People’s lifestyle here is different than what we were used to and what we enjoy. We are used to being surrounded by an outdoorsy community that just wants to get outside. When you are surrounded by people always being outside, it encourages you to get out too. Even if it is something you love doing, you need a little nudge/push to get out there.

Start a running club?!!?

Bozeman did that for us. The people we lived life with did that too. I searched for local running communities to try and get plugged into the community around here, but I came up short. The closest running club is an hour down the Gorge and across the river. That is just too far away for a mother with a toddler. I so badly wanted something closer. I have been going back and forth in my head about starting a running club here. I live less than a half of a mile from the track and I so badly want to use it for a group workout. I’d love to do a weekly run and a weekly core workout or sprints. I struggle with how I would even start a running club. Especially how to do that in a community where there doesn’t seem to be as much interest in the outdoors. Now, I know the entire community isn’t this way, it’s just that the overall community isn’t and that is what is reflected.

How does one go about creating that? I could probably go around to the couple gyms in town and put up a flyer, but I don’t hardly know how to come up with good workouts. It is easy to plan a running route and just go, but sprints and core workouts are just not my thing. I guess I could always fake it till I make it, right? I know enough to get me going, but I don’t know how to be different. I tend to forget all the types of workouts I have done before and just do the same thing week after week.

Mother’s Running Club?!??!

I’ve also thought about making it a Mother’s running club. One that would have stroller friendly routes and workouts on the track where the kiddos could have a space to play. I know getting a workout in for a mom and especially a stay at home momma can be hard. This would be an even harder group to find. I feel like the moms hide here and I can’t find them. Calling all mommas!??!? Where are you?!?!!?

I know, I should probably just do it, but there are just the fears rolling around inside. If no one shows up, then at least I’d be getting my workout done. Well, there is just putting that thought out there.

Tell me Tell me

What is it that you wish your community had? Have you thought about starting that very thing? What fears do you have?

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