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To Go or Not to Go

Morning Runs

Do you ever have those mornings where you really want to run, but are crunched for time? Let’s face it. Most morning runs start out this way. For me, I really do love running. I have my mind set on running every week day and then to see how the weekend plays out. When I don’t get out on my planned runs, I tend to go downhill eating things I shouldn’t and I start feeling bad about myself. It is a path I don’t like to go down, but it is a real struggle for me. It is better for my health physically and mentally to get out there and just run. It doesn’t matter if it is just a quick three miler or a longer run. Getting out there is what matters.

This particular morning, I knew that I had barely enough time to squeeze in a three miler, get the toddler and I fed, and then head off for an appointment. I knew it would be tight, but decided that I needed to make it happen. We got out the door just before 7 which would give me about 45 minutes to do everything once I got back home before needing to be in the car. It was a nice crisp fall morning. The sun was still rising and it made for a beautiful start to my run. We headed up the hill which is my typical quick route. I know up hill with a stroller doesn’t seem quick. In this town, you can’t avoid hills unless you drive down to the river trail.

We were getting close to the turn around point and I was noticing the stroller pulling stronger in one direction. Not a huge deal I thought to myself. We put slime tires on the stroller because of all the blackberry bushes around town. We’ve had too many flats due to the thorns. I ran up to the turn around point and stopped to air up the tire. Usually I air it up and we are good to go because the slime starts to plug the hole. I aired it up and we started down the hill. I barely made it a tenth of a mile by the time the tire was flat again. I stopped and tried airing it up one last time. This time I could hear it going flat right after I had finished.


I started to get frustrated. I barely gave myself time to get out on this run because of having to go to an appointment. I left my phone at home (not that it mattered because I would get home before anyone would have time to get into my house, find my keys and bring my car with the car seat). It just figures that this would happen when I didn’t have time for it. I had to run anyways. I was only a mile and a half from home and at least I was running downhill. I went for it. My arm got an extra workout since the stroller was pulling hard in one direction and there was a 30 lb. weight sitting in it. It wasn’t turning well either and the dog started to pull harder too. I spent the rest of my run frustrated and thinking about how I would probably end up missing the appointment. How could I have had enough time to get ready when I got home? This was setting me back so much time. Ahh! These thoughts kept running around in my head as I ran the short distance home.

Let’s be honest. A mile and a half running downhill with a flat on the stroller, wasn’t the end of the world. I was making it worse than it actually was. I finished my run getting home only a couple minutes later than I wanted. Three whole minutes didn’t make one difference in getting to my appointment on time or late. In fact, I was had time to spare after eating and getting ready quickly. Who needs a shower anyways? I must not have smelled that bad, because I didn’t get any funny looks. I am glad that I went. Not all my runs will be easy. I am going to get frustrated sometimes, but pushing through till the end is what is important. Enduring through the hardships. Goodness, this really can relate to life can’t it?!?

Tell me Tell me

What struggle has put you into a moment of frustration that wasn’t worth it in the end? Isn’t this how life usually goes? These struggles we have are all momentary. They are seasons and detours to a bigger and better things. For me, God is working in my heart and teaching me to be better. It is all the little things we go through that make us better and stronger.