Why I Started Running

I was just lazy

I haven’t looked back on why I started running for several years now. October marks my 8th year of running. I couldn’t be more happy that I made the decision to start and make it a part of my everyday life. I had graduated from college in December and immediately switched from part time to full time at my desk job. I was doing accounts receivable for the local Ace Hardware. Oddly enough, I really did enjoy the tasks that came along with collecting money, but it wasn’t enough. I was starting to feel lazy, I didn’t really have any hobbies that I spent time on, the husband was still in school, and I was just bored from sitting at a desk all day long. In July of that year, I switched locations and felt as though I was just sitting at the desk even more. I saw my body continue to gain weight and I wasn’t liking who I was becoming. We were a year and a half into our marriage and I just stopped buying clothes. I didn’t like having to go up a pant size. I just knew I wasn’t taking care of my body like God had intended. I wasn’t doing any form of exercise except for the occasional hikes and bike rides during the summer.


In August, my then sister-in-law was running the Hood to Coast relay while pregnant. I kept watching her log miles and one day closer to October I saw her post about her five mile fun. I figured if she could run five miles while being five months pregnant, I could do it too. I met my sister at the gym and I ran those 9 long laps around the small track to see if I could even make it a mile. I could and instantly committed myself to a half marathon training plan. I should have started off a little slower, because this is a great way to get injured. I didn’t and started running three milers right off the bat. I picked a beginner half marathon training plan, but I didn’t pick a race. I just wanted to see if I had it in me to run that far before paying to enter a race.

The worst

I was the slowest runner out there. It was barely more than a walking pace, but I kept at it. I really felt like I was the worst at this whole running thing, but I kept it going. My husband was going to run with me since he had been a runner in middle school and part of high school. He was eager to get back on the train. I don’t even think he made it through all of the runs during our first week of training before his IT band started giving him trouble. He stopped running for the season, but would still join me at the gym for some of my workouts. We would find a treadmill next to a bike or another machine he could use. Other times, he’d join me outside during my longer runs on his bike and ride alongside me. I enjoyed the company even though he’d ride ahead and loop back. There was just something about having him near me and being my water boy. Let’s face it, I didn’t hold my water when there was a bike nearby.

I was hooked

I didn’t get much faster, but I could start to see my face slimming down and the rest of my body slowly started to follow. I made it through that first training program and was ready to jump on finding a half marathon that I wanted to run. I was a newbie and excited for every first step in my new found love for running. I was hooked and I could have never dreamed about where running would end up taking me. I no longer felt lazy. I was starting to each healthier and partake in even more physical activities. Running really did change my life. I was starting to see my body for the way God wanted me to see it.

Tell me Tell me

Whether it is running or another activity that sparks your interest, don’t wait. Start today. Your body is important. It isn’t about being the tiniest lady on the block. It is about being healthy. You need to start now. Your body is a temple. Take care of it. What is keeping you from starting? Who has motivated you to get going and why did you want to start? I want to hear from you. Comment below and forward this on to someone that you think needs encouragement today. I am no longer the worst. The more you do something, the better you get. Just keep moving. Never stop. Don’t stop.

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