Our Norwegian Adventure | Bergen

Elijah had another successful night sleeping away in our old Bergen home away from home. His schedule was back to being somewhat normal which made for an easier trip for all of us. It helped us to really enjoy the rest of our time in Norway. We frequented the local grocery store Kiwi in Tromsø and were glad to find one across the street from our house in Bergen. We enjoyed being able to cook a little and save a little money as well. Norway is the most expensive country and we tried all that we could to not break the bank. Our homemade breakfast made for a great start to the day. We enjoyed our slightly rainy 20 minute walk down to the city center.

We realized half way to the city center that I forgot to put Krista’s camera in my backpack. Brent decided to be a good brother-in-law and started running back to the house while the rest of us walked on. A few minutes later, my mom and sister decided to go off the path and take a mini detour. My dad, Elijah and I walked to the place we were meeting Brent and waited for us all to be reunited. We enjoyed the quietness of old town Byrggen. The beautiful wooden houses that stretched back beyond the facade. The colors of the buildings, the cobblestone streets and the water front made for a relaxing wait. We were finally all reunited and we enjoyed looking around some shops and exploring behind the buildings.

Of course we needed coffee, so off we went to find a local coffee shop and to plan out our day. It was perfect timing as it start to rain just as we stepped into the shop. We marked out all that we wanted to see on the map and then headed back out to go do some more exploring. We enjoyed the old churches, the random streets, the Bergen Fish Market where we enjoyed some more fish and had a taste of Spain with paella. (It took me back a little and made me miss Spain). We were able to head up to one of the seven surrounding mountain peaks with a ride up on the tram Fløibanen. The views from the top of Fløyen were spectacular. It is said that you aren’t really a Bergen resident if you haven’t submitted all seven peaks in one day. I want to take on that challenge one day. It was such an active city with people running and bike commuting to work. I loved it! I felt at home and part of me hopes that one day I can call it home for a little while.

We spent the rest of the day exploring more of the city from it’s fortress to other random streets. It was beginning to be near dinner time again, so we hit up the fish market one more time. This time we enjoyed some reindeer burgers and of course we had more fish. It was all so so so good. I know we live close to the water and can enjoy good fish here as well, but there was something about how this fish melted in my mouth. I’ve never experienced fish that tasted quite like that before. I could eat it everyday and wouldn’t mind it a bit. I was becoming sad as I knew we were leaving Bergen and moving onto our next adventure. I didn’t want to leave. I just wanted to stay there forever. I would have.

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