Anniversary Day

Today marks Brent’s and my 9th anniversary. There is just so much to say about how blessed I have been over these last nine years. It is hard to know where to begin. Here are just a few of my thoughts on Brent. I sure do love this guy! Happy Anniversary!

Ups and Downs

Let’s face it. I am a girl and I get emotional. Brent is always there to bring things back. He shows me different perspectives on what is going on and he calms me down. I really think that God intended marriage be a glimpse into His character and how we are suppose to live our lives for Him. I say that because the things Brent does for me, being my comforter, encourager, support, and love during the ups and downs in life is who God is. God gave me Brent to help me become closer to Him.


Brent has been the guy beside me at every race that I have done. In fact, here was by my side from the moment I decided to start running. He had IT band issues, so he couldn’t run. He grabbed his bike and was there next to me on all my long runs. When I started running even more, he was at home waiting for me with a glass of water and a glass of chocolate milk. To top that off, he had breakfast waiting for me as well. There is so much more to say about his encouragement and support for my running. I couldn’t do it without him and I sure enjoy it when he joins me for the run.

Best Friend & Travel Buddy

Brent and I have had the amazing opportunity to go to several countries together, travel some of the states and experience new things together. He is my best friend and travel buddy. Life is so much better with him in it. I can’t wait to continue to explore this world and new cultures with him. The fun never stops when you are living life with your best friend.


The biggest and best thing is that Brent is the father of my child. He is the best dad. He is involved in Elijah’s life and loves being able to help with him. He sees that raising Elijah is a joint effort between us and that his influence will greatly benefit Elijah in the years to come. I see him do things that he doesn’t have to think twice about because he loves being involved. He helps me when I need it and when I don’t. He is the best father.