All to Ourselves | Sorosis Park

Sorosis Park in The Dalles

With the weather being in the 80’s for a couple days here in The Dalles, I decided it was a good chance to put the kiddo in shorts and go to Sorosis park early in the morning. Apparently, I am the only parent that thought of taking their little one at 9 in the morning. I did not think it was too early. I was hoping that there would be a mom or two around with kiddos around the same age as Elijah. Going to the park in the mornings is great for several reason:

  1. It is not as hot as the afternoon
  2. The big kids are still in school
  3. Get the kiddo tired before nap

I’m sure I could come up with a few more, but these will do for now. We really did have the park all to ourselves until the last 15 minutes or so we were there. Elijah climbed up and down all over the playground, he swung, we swung, he ran around the park, and climbed around the playground some more. It was a great hour or so of fun. I am hoping that others still sleep in come the summer when school is out. I wouldn’t mind a few more moms and kids, but it was sure nice for it to be quiet. Plus, Elijah could enjoy the playground without being run over by the big kids. I could also follow him to make sure he didn’t fall off the slides or other various things. Such a fun way to start our morning and he sure was tired.

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