Stomping Grounds

A couple of weekends back, we drove out to my parent’s property for the day. My brother and his two girls were up for the weekend as well, so we had some time with them too. One of the day’s tasks was to help my Brendon with moving one of the Datsun pickups to a better spot for hooking it up for towing back down to Eugene. A front drum brake was stuck, but we first had to drag it out to a better spot to jack the front end up. We ended up using a large pulling set to pop the drum housing free.

Amidst all that excitement we also took some time to walk down to the creek that runs through the property. I spent a great deal of my youth wandering around that creek bed. It is definitely a seasonal stream, heaviest through April and then drying up by early July. Some days, I’d sit on the bank and take in the relaxing solitude of the forest around me. Other days, I’d bring my guitar down and add some songs of praise to the mix of sounds. I’ve always been a more contemplative person, but as I grow older, I find it harder to have that time to reflect. I know that I’m not the only one with that issue, we all suffer from over-stimulation, both externally and internally inflicted. Sometimes it takes re-walking the steps of quieter times to realize realities that you once knew.

Enough contemplation for now, enjoy some images.

Larch Creek running along multiple paths
Brendon shows his girls some deer anatomy.
There are many bones along the creekbed.
Larch Creek
A seasonal high point for this little stream.
We love this German Shorthair, he’s such a great dog!
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