Cafe Francais des Arts

French Cafe 1You know that moment when you find some little restaurant or cafe that you just find yourself craving all the time? You don’t just crave the food or coffee, you crave the atmosphere and the love of the unique little place you stumbled upon. A few weekends ago we went with some friends to their favorite little spot it town. They go every Saturday morning. It was a freezing cold morning (sub zero with a windchill of -30!) so I decided to move my long run to Sunday and take a Saturday morning off. We planned to join our friends at the cafe for a relaxing morning.

When we arrived, the windows at Cafe Francais des Arts (I call it the French Cafe!) were covered in frost. You could not see inside. It was a sure sign of fresh baked goods! We took in the little French atmosphere that came with little round tables that you would expect to see outside a cafe in France. Brent ordered a tasty crepe and I went with some quiche. They were both amazing! The coffee was great as well. Probably the best local coffee in town. To top it all off, the cafe is run by a cute French couple that moved to Bozeman about 4 years or so ago.

Brent and I like it so much, we went back the next Saturday and are headed there again this weekend when our friends come into town. If you are in Bozeman, go check it out. If you aren’t in Bozeman, we will take you there when you come visit! I am all about supporting the local places!

Posted by Jess

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