Back to the City

Day 6 (Monday) Chitwan to Kathmandu, Nepal

Back to the City (1)
We woke up early once again so that we could enjoy the last bit of our time down south. This time we got to enjoy a nice bird walk. There were just a few of us ready as we stood outside with our guide. He began telling us about what had happened the night before. He had this huge smile on his face as he was telling us about the different paths. He was pointing out that he was on one side of the path and then moved over to the other side sometimes. He was just back and forth all the time. This is how most Hindus are about their faith. They believe that there are multiple ways to get to heaven or nirvana. This is when the conversation got really exciting! He told us that he understood that their was one path and that he cannot go side to side. It was a great way to start the morning and to end the trip in Chitwan.

The walk around looking at birds was relaxing. Come to think of it, every bit of Chitwan was relaxing. We saw lots of different birds. Nepal has almost 900 species of birds. Which is way more than back here in Montana. The jungle was beautiful in the morning. We saw a few more elephants and crocodiles. We quickly packed our bags and took a short ride over to the bus stop. We waited as the sun was starting to get hot so we found a nice shady  spot to hang out. I was really tired on the way back, so I dosed off a few times while we were on the bus. It is surprising how comfortable a bus ride in crazy traffic can become. We stopped at the lunch spot for a bit to eat and ate way too many fries, egg rolls and fried veggies, a little greasy for my liking, but it tasted great. We packed up the left overs to take to the street kids when we got back into the city.

Back to the City (2)We made it to Kathmandu around 4 in the afternoon which didn’t leave us much time to go do anything else. We decided to go out onto the streets and hand out some tracks. We split off into groups and went our separate ways to cover more area. We found some street kids and gave them the food. We took time to pray over them. These kids were huffing glue on the street. It was really hard to watch and God was definitely working on my heart. Instead of helping these kids, people walk right on by without even noticing them. Broke my heart.

We ended up going back by these kids after handing out a few more tracts and walked them into get some milk and crackers. We had to have the clerk cut the bags so that they wouldn’t try and sell them back for drug money. The whole situation is sad. These kids need Jesus and they need someone to step up and help them. Pray for these kids and pray for the people of Nepal to step up and and help. The other group of women ended up meeting some Christians and handing out some tracts to some sex workers. They had an amazing experience.

We had dinner and then went out again. This time we stayed as one big group with half and half on the side of the street. We made sure that we stuck together and only handed out the tracts to the ladies because of not having any guys with us. There were not as many women out as usual because there was a police inspection going on. They were randomly checking cars. This kept the women off the street. We were able to find some and told them where to go find more information about Jesus. They didn’t really give us time to talk with them. They were a little confused as to why we would talk with them. You could tell where all of the brothels were because they had lots of lights trying to bring the guys in. This was heart breaking to see as well. There is such a need for these people to hear about Jesus.

Pray that these guys that are paying these women to be sex workers and pray for the guys that force these women to do this. They need Jesus and nothing else is going to make a difference. We saw the street kids on our way back to the hotel. We spent more time praying over them and started to draw a bit of a crowd. We went back to the hotel and after a long day, went straight to bed. It was a lot to take in.

The day was good and God showed me a lot. I kind of like that blogging about these events have taken so long. It is helping me to go back and reflect on what happened.

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