Quick Marathon Update

This is just a quick little note to let all of you know how we did. Details and more information about our adventures down in Nashville to come when we make it home.

Jess – Full Marathon – time: 4:01:32 – pace: 9:13 – overall: 633 out of 3925 – division: 60 out of 443 – gender: 179 out of 1800

All in all, a great race for me seeing how I set a PR by 7 minutes!!

Brent – Half Marathon – time: 1:57:31 – pace: 8:58 – overall: 2636 out of 22,277 – division: 316 out of 1262 – gender: 1685 out of 8088

Not his best but it was a hot one and look at how he rocked it compared to the other 20,000 people!!! I say job well done.

Check back later for more details!!!

Posted by Jess

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