3rd Marathon??

I think so! Last night I got an email with my special link to register for the Nike Women’s Marathon (NWM) down in San Francisco in October. If you remember a little while back, I was in a dilema of whether or not I should run this race. With a good friend already living down there and some more good friends moving there at the end of May, we already wanted to make a point to go to San Francisco in the fall. To top it all off, Allegiant Air now has direct flights from here to San Francisco and decent ticket prices. With these things in mind as well as other things, what was I waiting for? Why wouldn’t I run? This morning I got on the computer before work and did it. I registered! Normally you register your name into the lottery and then if you get picked they charge your card. I didn’t have to do any of that. I registered for it like a normal race. This is exciting to know that I am automatically in. No waiting around to find out what will happen later. I plan on taking the training a little easier this summer. I will do my essential long runs, keep a good weekly mileage, hover around the 1/2 marathon distance for most weekends, ride crazy long miles on my new bike, hike a bunch and any other activity to keep me active this summer. I think if I can handle this come October and I will be set for the NWM. I also do not plan on setting any records at this race. I will do my best and have fun. (Not that I don’t do that already when racing). I am sure I will fill you in later on all the race details! I look forward to an awesome marathon in Nashville (and to see family!!). Then a wonderful summer before the NWM where I get to see friends.

Posted by Jess

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