Nifty Fifty

I recently picked up a new lens so I took it along with me during a few activities this last week. The new addition to our lens arsenal is the Nikon 50mm 1.8G, a fifty millimeter prime lens with a f1.8 aperture. This will hopefully alleviate a boiling point in the Powell household, who gets the prime lens with a thin depth of field. I’ve broken down the rest of the post into the various activities, but if you just want to see the pictures, head to the end for the gallery.

Moonlight and Coffee

The evening that I picked up the lens, Jess and I decided to go on a walk over to Starbucks to grab a quick cup of coffee. I snapped some pictures of Jess walking, a great opportunity to showcase the f1.8 aperture of the lens, which allows for great low light performance. This coupled with the high ISO performance of the D7000 made for some fun shots, including capturing the moon hiding behind the clouds while illuminating a jet contrail.

I love evening walks with my wife. While we spend most our time together, it seems like conversations are always better and more honest when on a walk, especially evening ones. Even better when your destination includes warm coffee! Now we aren’t in a huge habit of late night coffee drinking, but it is really nice, and relaxing every once and a while.

Post-run Lunch Date

Jess had a 20 mile run to do on Saturday, so I tagged along for 7 of it and gained almost another 3 on my way back home. After Jess came home, we decided to go out for lunch at The Garage. If you haven’t been, go! The weather was so nice that the patio was opened up and with that a long line formed. After putting our name on the list we headed across the street to the Bozeman Running Company to pick ourselves up a small belt pouch that we could put our phones in during our shorter run. We already have running belts, but they are more for the longer runs where we need water and snacks and as the weather is getting warmer, we won’t need our jackets. This means we also are loosing our pockets and these new belts will be nice to have.

We eventually got seated after a long, standing wait. Jess was ready to get off her feet for a little while. Being fairly acquainted with the menu, we were quick to order. We ordered weather fitting drinks, lemonade and iced-tea as we soaked up the sunlight at our street-side table. As the place was packed, we waited for a while for our food. During our wait we conversed, I took some photos, and we generally just enjoyed the time to sit and relax. Our food, as per course for The Garage, was excellent with Jess ordering Greek Chicken Sandwich, and me enjoying a George’s Cadillac, a BBQ burger with bacon and cheddar.

Post-lunch Walk

Later that afternoon, we joined Krista and one of her roommates for a walk along some of the Bozeman trails. Some of them were quite packed with mud, melting snow and standing water, reminding us that it is still winter after all. It was great to walk around even though we had run earlier. The unseasonable weather made it feel like spring, I even wore shorts! We closed out our evening having dinner and watching a movie with Krista and her friends.

Disc Golf!

On Sunday, we went out with our good friend Sam and Greta for a fun afternoon of folf. We rode our bikes to the course, which is less than a mile away and quickly made way onto the relatively busy course. We were right behind a family, but were far enough back that we didn’t really bother each other until they lost a disc and we passed them while they searched. We made our way from hole to hole. Making adjustments for what turned out to be a windy afternoon. Even with the wind, the temperature was still fair enough that I was comfortable with wearing shorts. After completing our round, we headed back to our friends place, spent the remainder of the afternoon chatting away. Greta made some delectable skewers that we grilled, rounding out a great weekend.

I hope that you have enjoyed this post. As I didn’t include every possible image, I have put the remainder in a slideshow below. On a side note, let me know what you think of our new “branding” on the photos. Thanks for reading!


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