I Could Not Resist

The other night I set out on a beautiful evening run with the husband. The temperature was in the 40s with hardly a glimpse of snow on the ground for a February day. The sun was slowly starting to go down as we hit the pavement. Spring was in the air, at least for this particular day. (Snow did join us on Saturday). I was enjoying the the warmth of the evening and the glorious mountains surrounding the valley. We hit a point in the run where a decision had to be made whether we were running four or five miles. Brent wanted to go four but I wanted to run my five. This is what happens when one spouse runs often and the other does not. Oh well. We both took off in our own directions. With a little more than a mile to go, I did something I usually do not do while on a run in less I am in pain. I stopped! I pulled out my phone because I had to capture the breathtaking view. After I starting running, I booked it back home. The last mile or so of my shorter runs are always my favorite. I finally am warmed up and ready to go and then it ends. It was a great evening run.

Then on Saturday morning, I woke up around 7(got to love sleeping in) and ventured over to he window. There was a high percentage chance of snow and I wanted to see if it was storming. Instead or seeing snow flurries, I saw this. Once again I grabbed my phone as it was the closest camera. Good thing it has an amazing camera!!! Who needs a point and shoot any more? The flurries were soon to follow. I was glad that I got to see this glimpse of the sunrise before the sun would disappear for the day. (Loving my new phone if you cannot tell)!

Posted by Jess

I am a Christ follower, wife to the most amazing guy, and a full time mommy which I wouldn't trade for the world. I am a lover of photography and a wannabe world traveler. Sometimes I find myself in the kitchen cooking up a new recipe. I love sharing my adventures old and new with anyone that will listen.