Retirement and a cake! Congrats Dad!

My dad was a lucky man this last Friday. He was able to enjoy his last day of work. He is now a retired man. After years of hard work, he finally is able to sit down and relax, but not quite yet. He still has to make the big move out to Oregon with my mom. After this, he can then get settled into his house, build a few things, tinker around and then maybe just maybe find a part time job to give him something to do. I am very excited for him as he is definitely deserving of this break. His turn for retirement has come much later than most people. I am very happy for him and this new adventure. Not only the adventure of figuring out what to do with his new found freedom, but adjusting to his new life in Oregon.

I took the time to secretly make my dad a retirement cake to celebrate! It was my first homemade cake. I didn’t spend too much time trying to find recipes, but this one worked well. For my first one, it was not bad either. It tasted great. The fudge filling was a little rich though. The decorating needs some work. After a 20 miler hitting the pavement and spending time on my feet throughout the rest of the day, it did not leave me with much decorating ideas. Oh well! It was a good first try. Enjoy the pictures of my first cake!

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Posted by Jess

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