Making People Fat for the Holidays

Over the past several years, my mom, sister and I have gotten together to make Christmas cookies. It has been a blast. Usually, we just make my grandma’s awesome White Cookies and then maybe one or two other cookies that we are familiar with making. Last year, we spent hours decorating the white cookies with all different colors of frosting.

This year, we decided to step it up a notch. On Saturday, we made grandma’s cookies, my brother’s favorite Peanut Butter w/ Hershey Kisses cookies, and then we stepped into the unknown. I wanted to bake some Christmas cookies that we have never tried. I googled for Christmas cookies and looked through several recipes before deciding on three: Peppermint Meltaways, Chocolate Snowballs, and Chocolate-Covered Cookies. Some of the recipes involved waiting for hours or over night with the dough in the fridge before continuing. We did not follow those directions very thoroughly. We let them cool in the fridge and moved on to another recipe, but then we went back to them. Covering the chocolate cookies was not as much fun as we had hoped. This was the last step for the day, we covered half with dark chocolate as best as we could then spread the white chocolate on top of the other half. It wasn’t picture perfect, but they turned out better than expected.

Now the making people fat part, I took a batch of the cookies to work, and then sent another batch to my co-workers at the other location. My mom also took some to her friends and then to her work as well. Unfortunately, my sister did not want to take any home with her. So not only am I having all of my co-workers eat a bunch of calories, there are several left over at my house for me to eat. I actually have not even tried all of the cookies yet. Spending hours in the kitchen made me lose my appetite for them. I think by the end of the week, I will be more likely to try a few.

Good thing the plan is to try and run 12 miles this weekend. This is a great time of year to work out extra hard. Plus, for once, we are not making a huge meal for Christmas Day. We are going to try something new, most likely a very delicious Thai soup. This, I will be looking forward to making as it is one of my favorite Thai foods. Until next time, enjoy the cookie pictures. Be glad I am not forcing all these cookies on you, but you know you could always come and visit!! I will still have some in the next several days that I will be more than will to give away. Enjoy the pictures below!

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