An Indoor Winter Wonderland

Over the last couple weeks, my friend and I had the opportunity to plan our work Christmas party. Our owners decided to hold it in our new greenhouse located at the store I work at. In the past years, we have had the party in our downstairs conference room. Though it is a decent size, when you put 75 people or more down there, it can get a little cramped. The new greenhouse was a fantastic idea. Now to make it an outstanding evening, my co-worker decided to do it as a “Winter Wonderland” theme. This was a much better idea than a plain old green and red Christmas theme as those colors can get tiring year after year. We set to work planning the decorations and various other aspects of the party.

My friend contacted a caterer for our main meat dishes. Some excellent dishes were chosen. We were going to continue the potluck style theme of the party, as people seem to enjoy contributing, for the rest of the meal. I have been to my share of potlucks through churches but they are nothing like the Owenhouse potlucks. People really get into making some great dishes! The menu was set. Then we went on to ordering tables, chairs and linens. We rented round tables so people would be able to enjoy each other more as we all know that rectangular tables are not always so easy. It always seems as though you are yelling at a person on the other end. This made for a more enjoyable evening.

Then the best part of the planning came into play. We got to start decorating! We turned the greenhouse into a winter wedding reception. At least that is what I am calling it. It was perfect! We hung christmas lights and put thule around them. Then we put clusters of chinese lanterns around the place with blue and silver snowflakes all around. (I should say, our husbands put all of this up for us. Thanks for the help!) Then the table decorations. I placed blue tissue paper with snowflakes next to silver tissue paper underneath a clear glass plate. On top of the plate, I put a white pillar candle. Then to make it a little Christmasy, I got clear plastic bulbs and attached two together with blue and silver ribbon. Then to finish off the tables, we sprinkled blue and white snowflakes around the center piece. It was fabulous.

The night finally came and we all dressed up in our best. After hours of preparation, the night was here! We would finally be able to enjoy our nice elegant social work party. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves as the greenhouse transformed into a party seen. Everyone ate, socialized and were merry. It was the perfect Christmas party. This turned out to be the biggest Christmas party yet for Owenhouse. We had fun with all the decorating and the extra time doing it with good friends. It is so good to have a good friend at work. Too bad she works at the other location. All in all, a great Christmas party in an indoor Winter Wonderland.

Please enjoy the pictures taken by my amazing husband, Mr. Brent Powell

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