Not too sure how I feel about this…

On Saturday, I convinced Brent to run part of my planned twelve mile run. I figured I could come up with a nice six mile loop that would bring us back by the house. Brent was unsure if he could really run any more than this. In the last month, he has only been running about once a week. At least he is still out there doing a little something! Since he has not been running much he also has not been doing exercises for his IT band issue. This makes even the shorter runs uncomfortable for him. He will get back into it soon enough but for now I just try to convince him to run at least part of the way with me. Well we did the new six mile loop while it was a chilly 15Ëš F. Not as bad as a fewweeks earlier. My lunch runs and afternoon weekend runs have helped me miss out on these chillier runs. With life happening, I cannot escape it all winter long. I will avoide hem as much as possible though. A few five degree runs will probably happen maybe even a few that dip below zero.

Our run led us in a big loop back to our house. By the time we were inching closer, I was not getting excited about doing my second lap. Brent was going to run off inside to a nice warm (well hopefully warm as our heater had not been working – more on this later) house. I wanted to get my longer run in so I said my goodbye to Brent and went on my way. I did decide to change things up. I chose our old six mile loop to give me some diversity. Since I have been running on my lunch, this route has been neglected. It helped to go a different way and my excitment to run the whole twelve miles was coming back. My path crossed ways a few times with the other six mile route as I worked my my way home to a nice hot cup of coffee. I made it but was still unsure as to whether or not I liked watching Brent get out of a long run. If he had not ran with me I do not think I would have had such a conundrum with running the twelve miles. Although I must say, having some company was a nice change. I have had lots of runs by myself. Which I am getting used to and really starting to enjoy. I think I will manage these new laps with Brent running the first with me. It will probably take a few trys. Not too sure if I like it yet.

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