Christmas Stroll

Jess and I have made it a tradition to go to the annual Christmas Stroll in downtown Bozeman. If you’ve never been to Bozeman, it has a beautiful, historic downtown that the city closes a section off for various events throughout the year, this happens to be our favorite event. There is something to be said when strolling along the busy, people packed streets. The lights hanging from each intersection, various booths with food and hot drink. People of all ages and walks of life, some looking for their friends and family, others traveling in packs. Many young couples blissfully entranced with each other walk down the center line, arms wrapped around each other in the cold winter air. The masses of people, steam rising from their ever opening and closing mouths, almost as if they had comic-book talking bubbles.

The sound of the event is also worth noting. Mostly chatter fills the air, but there are pockets of seeming silence, like a group of carolers singing Silent Night and passerby’s quietly observing the live nativity. Various brass ensembles fill their own sections with music of holiday lore, why the more rambunctious of sort march as a herd of drummers, all banging on 5-gallon buckets, being led by a whistle blowing captain. We never spend a lot of time there, usually just enough to walk the length twice, talk with those we haven’t seen for while, and spend time with those that we love. It is truly a beautiful evening to behold.

Posted by Brent

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