My First Turkey

Brent and I hosted Thanksgiving again this year, but we were in charge of the meal. I woke up bright and early at 6 to prepare our post Huffing for Stuffing Race caramel rolls. While the dough was rising, I prepared my first turkey. I was kind of nervous because people tend to make a big deal out of the turkey. Once I got going and did what I need to, it was about 15 minutes later. That wasn’t such a big deal. There was nothing to it. It turned out great! All in all, the food came together all tied together with brown sugar. Loved every bit of it, even the stuffing. (I am not so much of a stuffing fan, but the recipe I found sounded amazing.)

The turkey is all prepared and ready to be put in the oven!

Out of the oven she came and she was beautiful! I was proud of my turkey.


Brent carved his first of many turkeys!

The white meat was not dry. Good thing for that oven bag.



Brown sugar and oatmeal dinner rolls. I have been stuck on this amazing overnight dinner roll recipe from a friend, so I was glad to find a new equally as delicious roll recipe.


Pepper and salt pumpkin seeds from the pumpkin my sister and I carved to make the smashed harvest veggies. I also put in carrots and sweet potatoes. This was a great alternative to simple mashed potatoes.

The candied bacon stuffing turned out to be the best stuffing I have ever had. There is something about stuffing that I just do not like, but this recipe won me over. I think it helped that I made it. (All with the help of my mom and sister for every dish).

 Now this green bean alternative was a hit! Oven-candied green bean amandine! My sister was still a little bit disappointed that we did not have the simple green bean casserole, but she was still pleased.


 The works!


It does not look like much of a plate, but it was still more than enough. My first full on Thanksgiving meal turned out great! I cannot wait for the years to come to try it all again. Probably with new recipes though! Thanks to my family for all the help in the kitchen.


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