Maple Glazed Chicken

The other week my co-worker brought me a food network magazine to look at. She new that I enjoyed cooking and was already picking out my Thanksgiving meal. I spent some time thumbing through the pages to choose which recipes I wanted to try. I found a handful of ones that I thought I would actually take the time to make. Last night I decided to try the Maple Glazed Chicken. I was definitely satisfied and Brent seemed to really enjoy it. With every bite he took, “Yum..The chicken is good. Yum..The apples are good. Yum..The potatoes are good. Yum..The veggies are good.” I was glad he enjoyed the chicken dish and even the sides! He even ate the onion and thought it was good. It helped that the onion was also covered in the maple glaze along with the chicken  and apples. I love that my husband will try anything I make.

The mixture of the onions, apples, chicken and the maple glaze made this a tasty meal.


Posted by Jess

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