Jess and I were invited over to a good friend’s birthday party this weekend. She has been a friend of Jess’ since childhood and her husband and I have become good friends as well. He had decided to throw her a roll your own sushi night. He prepped all the supplies and had them ready to go as the various guests arrived. Jess nor I had ever had the opportunity to roll our own sushi, so this was a first.

Our host set out the sushi rollers and began walking us novices through the process. It couldn’t be simpler. You first lay down a piece of seaweed wrap, followed by the rice. You then cover your hands sesame oil, to keep your hands from sticking to the rice, and spread the rice over the surface of the seaweed, leaving about a half-inch at the top. Next, lay your various ingredients in the middle of the rice. Using the rolling pad, start rolling it away from you, flipping over the roll as it reaches the end of the roller. Continue to roll between your hands until firmly packed, remove from roller, slice and serve! Look below for some pictures of the process.

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