Fall Colors On Our Trail

On Saturday, Brent and I enjoyed a nice 9 miler our on trail. (I love that we call it our trail). We were planning on taking some photos on the trail as fall is giving us so many colors that we rarely see around here. Plus fall is lasting weeks instead of just one which would be why we are getting some of these colors. I had made us some PB & J sandwiches for lunch so that we could enjoy our trail with our cameras. We sat on the back of the Suby enjoying our lunch as we watch other runners and walkers enjoying the day. It was fun to just sit and relax together like that as it was a unique way to enjoy our time together. We finished eating but decided against taking photos as the light was flat. We headed home to get ready for the day. Then we went over to our local Pumpkin Patch, which was a real let down after being at the one Brent’s sister works at in Portland. It was still fun to pick out our pumpkins from a larger selection. The light was perfect, so we stopped back by our trail on the way home. Please enjoy our trail in the fall!

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Posted by Jess

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