I am sitting here this morning thinking about the marathon. We are heading out today to drive to Dufur and then we will head to Portland tomorrow. I have heard about these online time predictors based off of a recent race time. I decided to go check it out this morning for the heck of it. I plugged in my last half marathon time (PR) and it shot out a time of 3:44:24. This made me laugh! Not too sure if I can pull that off. I will be lucky to come in around 4 hours. I then plugged in my recent 10k time since it was very recent and also my PR for that distance. This time it spit out 3:52:30. This seems a little more realistic. Not too sure how much I am going to rely on these times, but it would be sweet if I did do that well. I guess we will just have to wait and see. When I registered back in January, I put down that I thought it would take me 4 1/2 hours. Now I am thinking it will be closer to 4:15. These calculations are not any where near what I am thinking. At the same time, I have not completely set an high goal. I just want to finish and not be disappointed. If I come in faster than I thought, so be it! We will have to wait and see in only FOUR days. I cannot believe that it is so close. I am excited, a little nervous, but almost in denial that it is here. I cannot explain it. It is weird. I am just trying not to make myself too nervous that I do something stupid before. Calm…remain calm. Bring on the road trip.

Posted by Jess

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