Homemade Pizza & Cucumber Salad

My homemade pizza tonight consisted of tomato sauce full of some special seasonings with mozzarella cheese. I topped it off with chicken, green & black olives, onion, tomatoes, and feta cheese. Oh boy did it turn out good. This was my first attempt at a pizza completely from scratch. Brent and I like our bagel pizzas. This was a great step up. My cucumber salad had, of course, cucumbers, tomatoes, and onions. These mixed together with some vinegar, a little sugar, salt, and pepper made for a great side dish. I love when I am in the mood to cook. It always turns out great. I wish I wanted to do this more often.

Waiting to be baked!

The cucumber salad turned out amazing and so simple! Made my own special mixture.

All baked and ready to be eaten. So proud of my circle. I usually cannot roll out dough very well.

The tomatoes were the best part.

We sure did enjoy our dinner tonight. The crust recipe is a keeper. Love trying new things.


Posted by Jess

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