Lunch Times

Brent and I have been lucky enough since the middle August to spend out lunches together. This has been an on and off things since we got married, but when we get to, we love it. It is a great time to catch up on each others days instead of going through all of the busyness without speaking. We have been meeting at home to enjoy meals that we make together. Lunch usually is not anything exciting. Today we are eating lunch alone. He had a work meeting that interfered. As I am sitting here at home alone, I cannot help but think to myself how it is so much better when he is here. It is almost too quite in the house without him. Seeing him during lunch adds excitement to the day. When our evenings take us apart, our lunch time is cherished. I definitely prefer having lunch with someone rather than alone. I need to learn how to be alone more often. As you have read in the past, I am not very good at it for too long. Luckily, lunch only lasts for an hour and then two and half hours till I make it home where Brent will be! Then it is off to run a nice and easy 10k which is our last weekend mileage before the marathon! We are both so very excited to sleep in tomorrow. Well, sleep in usually means we are up by 7:00am, but no alarms!!!

Posted by Jess

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