Simply a Wonderful Day

As many of you may know, yesterday marked the 26th year anniversary of my life. Can’t say that it feels much different than the previous year, but in retrospect, a lot has changed or happened. We raised support and went to the Philippines, made many trips to see family and even an adventure or two, we trained for a marathon and I developed a greater love, admiration and respect for my wonderful wife. She rose slightly early to put in some caramel rolls that she slaved over the night prior. They were absolutely amazing! We had our coffee and went our separate ways to work. All morning long the status light on my phone blinked away with various birthday wishes. I had a meeting that took me out of the office, and on my way back, I decided to stop by Jess’ workplace to say hi. Fortunately she was just going on break, so we got to spend a glorious 10 minutes chatting and spending some extra time together. I made my way back to work, dove into some html5 and css conundrums that I’d been pondering for the morning and eventually went on lunch. I’m fortunate to live just a mile away from work, so it only takes about five minutes on a bike. Jess doesn’t work much further away, so we come home during our lunch breaks nearly every day. We once again enjoyed our time together and then rode off back to work for a short afternoon. After we got off work, we headed over to WeeBee’s, a wonderful cafe and restaurant. The food was amazing and it was incredibly relaxing to just sit and enjoy the evening. After dinner, we went out for a photography walk, but with the sun sinking ever more rapidly beyond the horizon, I was difficult to take photos. Fortunately the tripod was in the back of the car and I was still able to capture some pretty amazing photos. We came back home just to go on another walk around the neighborhood. It was great to walk, side by side in the cooling fall evening. It was simply a wonderful day!

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Posted by Brent

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