One Last Time Out

A few years ago, we started a tradition of doing a family weekend with my parents and siblings. Unfortunately, my brother and his family was not able to join us this year. We decided to go camping over at the Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park for an evening. To make the trip even easier, we decided to rent one of the three little cabins. We arrived at the campground before dark and unpacked, but since we did not have to set up camp, we decided to play a few hands of cards before building a campfire. It started to get dark out so we packed up the cards. After building the fire, we pulled out our cheese brauts and the beans. Brent and I are not used to camping at a real campground, but it was nice to have a cooking grate to put our pans on. This made it really easy to cook the beans. After dinner, we of course pulled out the s’more fixings. We sat around the fire for a bit longer and then headed off to bed. The cabin had one full size bed and a set of bunk beds. Brent and I ended up on the bottom bunk bed together. It was a nice small twin size bed that did not leave us much room to move. We managed but woke up with a few sore spots as the spring mattress was not all that comfortable. We then headed out for our 12 mile run.

After getting back from our run, my parents had our breakfast almost ready for us. It was great to finish a run and then have our food already prepared when we got back. We sipped on our Vitamin Water, chocolate milk, some orange juice, water, and coffee. It was a great morning of drinks! Then we ate our turkey bacon, eggs, and zucchini bread. I love campfire food. One day I am going to learn how to bake and cook with our dutch oven. Next time maybe we will have some cinnamon rolls over the fire. I would love to try this, especially after a long run out in the middle of nowhere. After breakfast we sat around outside enjoying the beautiful morning that God had given us. We watched the birds flying around enjoying the morning. We decided to go inside and enjoy a few more rounds of cards before packing up and then heading up to the caverns. It turned out to be a great relaxing time with the family. It is always fun to get away from everything and to go out to have some fun. Family time is good. Enjoy some of my pictures from the camping portion of the trip. More on the caverns to come later.

Krista found herself a new sleep spot.

She did not want to come down for a little while.

Isn’t my husband cute! Love this man.

Oh mom, smile.

Tasty breakfast over the fire with some yummy cowboy coffee.

One last round of cards. I won both games which does not normally happen. What a fun trip! I love my family.

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