My Wheels!

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Now that the company I work for recently relocated to Bozeman, my commute has decreased considerable from 25 minutes to just five minutes. And being that the office is almost exactly one mile away, I can now ride my bike to work. Now I am not a foreigner to the bike commute as I rode my bike to and from work for various jobs over the past few years, even in the winter. My ride is a 2003 era Giant Yukon. It’s been a great bike and has served me well. It may soon have some company, but I’ll save that bit of news for a later time.

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I love riding my bike to work. Not only does it help to wake you up on drowsy mornings, but it also is just plain good for your health. Although many of you may hold me up on that point claiming I don’t really need any extra exercise, but riding a bike is a good shift from running. I’ve discovered over the past years that biking is typically a faster choice of transportation, at least within Bozeman city limits. Bozeman’s many trails help this detail immensely. Even winter riding isn’t so bad if you have the right gear. As long as it’s not super icy, I will be out there, rain, snow or (rarely in Montana) shine this winter.

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