21 Miles of Elevation Profiles

When Jess and I set out on our 21 mile run last weekend, I was hoping for an experience closer to that of our 16 mile run a few weeks back. Unfortunately, the experience was rough. You can of course read all about it here and see Jess’ account of the run. My story did deviate from hers in the last five miles. As Jess continued on, I maintained a walk/run that was probably pushing me past a 12-minute mile pace. Our course took us through campus, wich was busy with throngs of people attending the MSU Bobcat Football game. I felt a little ridiculous gimp-jogging among the tumults of people, but I made it through the crowds. My water-supply shortly thereafter ceased and I utilized some of the many years of knowledge as a MSU student and grounds worker to make a line straight to the drinking fountain that was closest to the running route.

The last couple miles went on forever. I was tired, sore, still thirsty and did I mention sore! Even though the waits at the two traffic lights gave me rest, all I wanted was to be done. I finished at a time that was far later than what I would have desired, but I finished. And as I walked back toward home I could eventually see both Jess and Krista coming my way, Jess with an extra Vitamin Water for me. Boy was I glad to be done!


Below is a quick look at the route and elevation/speed profile for the route.

Elevation Profile for our 21 Mile Run

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