Dinner for One

Brent headed over to some friends house tonight, but not before I whipped a batch of homemade brownies for all the guys. What guys do not want tasty brownies after pizza? What a combo. I then decided to make myself a tasty dinner for one. I had a bunch of fresh peppers and onion, a couple things in which Brent is not always so quick to want to eat. I tossed them around on the stove in a touch of olive oil and added in a clove of garlic. While that was cooking, I pan fried a small piece of chicken, with a pinch of salt and pepper. Brent and I started buying chicken tenders instead of the breasts because neither of us can eat a whole one anymore. One little tender is plenty for me. I combined the two and then tossed them around together with some balsamic vinegar. I let the two simmer together for a few minutes to lock in the taste of the vinegar. Then I put a dash of salt and pepper to top it off. It turned out to be a tasty and easy meal for one and on the healthy side! Very tasty!

~ The Preparations ~







Balsamic chicken! This is making me want more, but I only made enough for a small single serving.

The best self portrait I could get eating my delicious one person meal.

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