New Running Kicks

After putting over a thousand miles on my last pair of running shoes, I finally went out and got these sweet blue kicks. I fortunately had previously chosen a pair that wore evenly and had continued to help me stay injury free for the year. I showed the nice salesman at the BRC, our local running store, my old pair and told him about the thousand miles. He laughed and said that it was about time that I came in to get a new pair. Unfortunately, running shoes are expensive. At this point in my life, I cannot really afford more than one pair a year. Luckily I did choose a really good pair that tends to last longer (all depending on the runner of course). I tired on a few other brands to make sure that these were still the ones that felt the best and sure enough, they were. It seems that I have found a pair for life. And just a side note: These are the sweetest looking shoes! I am so excited.

Now here is just a short running update. Brent and I are still training for our full marathon which is almost 2 months away. I am ready for it to be here as we registered back in January. Meanwhile, we are still logging miles and tomorrow we will attempt our first 18 miler. I am excited to see how these longer distances treat me. I also registered for my fifth half marathon and third for the year, this morning. I am excited as it is the first annual Bozeman Marathon. This will be my first race by myself, but it will be fun to see Brent along the route cheering me on! After I run the half, the marathon will be only one month away!



Posted by Jess

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