Fun Trip to Oregon

Jess and I had a great trip out to Oregon recently (you can read Jessica’s accounts here and here) and had a great time. We primarily went on the premise of my Niece’s wedding. Jess’ parents were gracious enough to let us take their Mustang convertible on the trip. This was a huge blessing as our car was/is in need of some new P205/65R15’s (tires). The weather was, mostly, great for top down driving the majority of the way. We even kept the top down in the evening, blasting ourselves with heat to enjoy the wonderful overhead spectacle commonly know as the night sky. The rest of the trip was a blur. As it was a family oriented trip we mainly spent time with family, which was wonderful. We were able to see everyone in the family! The wedding was beautiful, relaxing and fun. I was actually mistaken as the photographer a few times! It was especially wonderful to spend time with my brothers and sisters, and my adorable little niece. Jess and I got some runs in, actually, Jess was the only one who got plural runs in, I only did one! We even had some great forms of irony hit us on the trip. You remember the tires that we needed for our car, well the the car that we did take ended up getting a 1/4″ dia. 4″ bolt in the tire which damaged the sidewall. So much for not buying tires for the trip. All in all a great time. I hope that you enjoy my pictures, even though some of them got a premature publishing. Enjoy!

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Posted by Brent

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