And the Bike is Back

I started riding my bike to work in mid-May to save on gas money and because it is better than driving a car. Despite a few days of rainy and windy weather, in which all but a couple times I endured and rode, it has been a nice few months of pedaling to and from work. About one month ago, I was riding my bike back from the bank for work when I was almost there and my tire went flat. This was no problem as I just had Brent swing by on his way home to pick me up. Brent fixed my tire and swapped the tires from his bike to mine as he had road tires. For the next week, it was great as I flew to and from work with the road tires instead of my big and bulky mountain bike tires. One morning, I went to hop on my bike to head off to work and to my surprise, my tire was flat again. Frustrated, as we had only replaced it a week before, I hopped on Brent’s bike and went on with my day. The days and weeks went by with my bike sitting in the garage. We knew there was a bigger issue with my tire than just replacing the tube and we did not have time to repair it. Brent finally found time to take my bike over to the shop and yesterday we brought it home. I hopped on this morning with excitement as I was ready to have a bike that I could use the gears and that was not too big for me. The bike seemed small almost too small even though it is the right frame size. I am glad to have it back and am ready to get some more good rides into work and save more of that money for those pesky student loans.

Posted by Jess

I am a Christ follower, wife to the most amazing guy, and a full time mommy which I wouldn't trade for the world. I am a lover of photography and a wannabe world traveler. Sometimes I find myself in the kitchen cooking up a new recipe. I love sharing my adventures old and new with anyone that will listen.