Arm Warmers – Who knew?

I woke up this morning to head out on a run. As usual, I checked the weather because in Montana you never know what you will get. It had surprisingly dropped down to about 40 degrees. (Side note: This was nice because I have a hard time sleeping in warm weather and hadn’t been able to sleep the last few nights). I decided to try these new arm warmers that I had been given back in Oregon. After my trail race, see Go Girl Trail Run, Monica gave Annie and I these arm warmers. Which was awesome and super sweet of her. Both Annie and I had been wanting to try them out. That is just what I did this morning and it was perfect. They kept me just warm enough and allowed my pits to still get some fresh air. They like to breathe every once in a while too. (Yes I did just go off on my arm pits breathing). I am very excited to use them this winter as I remember the times when the rest of my body was warm but my arms were freezing. Thanks again Monica!

Posted by Jess

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