A Ride Under the Stars

We left Bozeman Thursday afternoon to head out to Oregon for some family time. We were able to take my parents mustang convertible. Of course we started out with the top down while the sun was beating hard. As we drove off the natural cooling system worked real well. We hardly realized that the sun was there. We were nearing Butte as a dark cloud was starting to form. We pulled off to the side of the road and put the top up. We had to ride that way until we hit Post Falls, ID. That was not such a big deal as we hit a lot of heavy rain. We rode the rest of the way with the top down. It was fun to feel the breeze and smell all of the fresh air. What a great way to make our 11 hour drive feel better. It was a beautiful night for a drive with the top down. Although the sunset was beautiful it started to make for a cold ride. This was a great thing though as we were starting to get tired. The cool breeze mixed with a blast of heat from the heater, was the perfect mix to keep us awake. Convertibles do serve a purpose. To keep us awake while on a road trip to Oregon.

Posted by Jess

I am a Christ follower, wife to the most amazing guy, and a full time mommy which I wouldn't trade for the world. I am a lover of photography and a wannabe world traveler. Sometimes I find myself in the kitchen cooking up a new recipe. I love sharing my adventures old and new with anyone that will listen.