Race Ready

I have been yearning for a race all year. We are in the 6th month of the year, I have missed the races that have happened already this year due to other events, and it has been seven months since my last race. (Which on a side note did not go very well as it was in negative degree weather. I ran on snow and ice with a stomach that did not want to cooperate. As always it was a blast though!) Other than feeling so free and as though time almost stands still for that little while when I am out there on the road and dirt, I run to race. There is nothing like the feeling of lining up waiting for the race to start as the nerves are going crazy. When I am done with a race, I have this feeling of a great accomplishment. I do not care about beating the guy or gal next to me. It is about putting it all out there and showing myself what I can do. Improvement and setting a personal record are always a great goal, but that cannot always be expected. This is when running a race is just fun and a great way to get out to support a community or charity. This is also makes running the races that you do really well in even more worth it. No matter the outcome, getting out there and running is well worth all of the effort. On Sunday, I will finally get to have my first race of the year. I am stocked. It will be only Brent and I out there hitting the pavement since our first race back in March of 2010. We have ran all of our other races with family and friends. Which is great to see everyone crossing the finish line and to share the joy with them. I cannot lie that I am stoked that this race will belong to Brent and I! Soon I will be back into the racing season. Then training for the marathon kicks back up and it will be hard to fit in any 10Ks, but the ultimate goal will be well worth the effort and wait for a race. All the 10Ks I know about for the summer are on days where my training requires at least 10 miles. Somehow I cannot justify cutting down that much to run a 10K. That is what happens when you set a big goal for yourself. Bring it on Lewis & Clark Half Marathon. I am ready for you!

Posted by Jess

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