Oh sleep. The moments I find you can be so relaxing. Other times you are just lingering over me laughing as I toss and turn all night long. These are the nights that I wish could just end as I know that they will never get better. The nights were I am sleeping soundly, my body is actually relaxing and turning off to recoup the long days that I am surrounded by. Last night was one of those nights until the lovely alarm went off at 5:15 a.m. Oh how I wish I could have shut it off and gone right back into that amazing sleep. That was not the case this morning as Brent has another week of long days. I wanted to go back to bed so desperately instead of writing this post. I was ready to go for the day by 6:30 which gives me over an hour before I have to leave for work. I was trying to convince myself to just go for it and take a nap. I know that if sleep finds me again, that the rest of the morning would be a struggle. I chose to just sit here and write this, drink my tea, listen to the birds, and try to stay awake. Next week will be a good one as we can start trying to find our summer routine with running. This means more early mornings, but waking up to go out for a run always seems like a better idea than heading off to work. Now it is almost 6:45 and I am running out of words. Hopefully I can keep myself awake for the next 45 minutes, so that I will be able to function the rest of the day.

Posted by Jess

I am a Christ follower, wife to the most amazing guy, and a full time mommy which I wouldn't trade for the world. I am a lover of photography and a wannabe world traveler. Sometimes I find myself in the kitchen cooking up a new recipe. I love sharing my adventures old and new with anyone that will listen.