Boise Trip

Yes, It was already a couple weekends ago, but Boise was a great trip for multiple reasons. Brent and I left on a Friday morning after a long week of work. We were ready for a day off. We got into Boise and found our hotel with ease. We stayed at the Modern Hotel which had previously been an old Travelodge. The new owners renovated it and turned it in to a modernish retro hotel. If you ever go to Boise, this hotel is highly recommended as it is downtown and within walking distance of several things to do in Boise. As my parents rode with us, it was nice to drop them off and leave them stranded. We still got our mini vacation away from home for our anniversary, but did not have to see the parents until Sunday morning when we left.

The medical missionary conference was the reason for our trip over to Boise. After settling down in our room and then taking a quick walk around downtown, we headed off to find the church where the conference was located. We could not have picked a better hotel to get to where we needed to be at the church. It only took about five minutes to get there. We set up our booth with a little difficulty as we had limited space to put up our banner, but finally made it all come together. We then waited for people to start coming in. We were able to talk to many people about what was going on in the Philippines at Rehoboth. People seemed very interested. Brent and I left the conference Friday night with so much excited about what Saturday would bring. We had been praying about this trip since we got back from the Philippines. It was also nice to talk with people about this place that we love and the people that we care about so much. Even though we told some of our friends back here, there seemed to be more excitement about our trip from the strangers we were meeting. All of these people have a deep desire to serve God and it is an encouragement to hear their stories and see their interest.

Saturday went just as well as Friday night. We were able to have some deep conversations with people interested in helping out now or in the future as well. We also had the opportunity to listen to some of the other organizations to hear about what they are doing around the world. From wheelchairs to building homes for refugees, it was a place surrounded by the desire to serve our Lord. Please continue to pray for those that we spoke with about Rehoboth and the medical clinic that they may maintain interest and open up some ways for the clinic to start its operations as it is soon to be finished being built.

Saturday night Brent and I celebrated our third anniversary by having a nice dinner and wondering around downtown. We got poured on, but by the time we made it back to our hotel the rain had stopped and we were dry. It was a simple night, but fun just to enjoy the two of us being together as we sometimes can get caught up in everything that we need to do at home. I love my time alone with my husband. On Sunday morning before we left, Brent and I went out for a nice 8 mile run along the river on a nice path. The path was marked every tenth of a mile, so it was easy to keep track of how far we had gone. We just used a map to figure out how long it took us to get to the trail and then enjoyed the run. It is always refreshing to run in a new location. Then after a tasty breakfast at the hotel, we made our way home to get back to our busy lives.

Posted by Jess

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