It is that time of year again when you start waking up to the sunlight streaming into your bedroom window. I wish that was the case for me these past two weeks, but I have still been getting up too early. As I write this, it is still early in the morning at about 6:40. I am already to go to work but I still have an hour before I need to even step foot out of my house. That will even get me there early. I look outside and see the amazing sunrise that is going on. I cannot help but want to go take a picture. Yet, I am exhausted from the past two weeks and the next few days to come as I know that they will continue to be early mornings. What a beautiful thing that is going on outside. The colors start streaming in and soon only the few that wake up early in the morning will be able to experience the beauty. Luckily, I will be one of them when morning runs become for frequent. There is something about those spring sunrises in Montana coming up over the Bridger Mountains. It makes me never want to leave.

I decided to head outside for a quick moment to try and get a picture, but by the time I made it out there the colors had already dissipated into the clear blue sky. There is not cloud in the sky. I wanted to get a picture of the Bridgers but there is not a clear spot close enough to my house that I could take a picture from. The picture you see here is the clearest view I could get. There was also some crazy sun glare going on. Maybe one of these early mornings, I will get out of the house early and go take a walk to a spot that would be prime territory for a picture of the Bridgers. For now, this is what I got for not going out sooner. The mountains still look beautiful with the snow on the peaks and the sun shining down on them. As I practice my photography and the push to get myself out the door, I will learn how to capture a glimpse of the beauty they behold.

Posted by Jess

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