He Did It!

Brent did it! He finally graduated from college and I am very proud of him. It may have taken a while to get through, but God had a plan. Everything is coming together and I am so glad that that stage of our lives is over. We woke up fairly early on Saturday morning to get him to the ceremony on time. Brent’s parents and I found some good seating and then hung out for an hour while we waited for the ceremony to begin. Most of the graduates were already in the room before we finally spotted Krista. Then shortly after, we spotted Brent. He was dead last in line! That made it easy to find him and Krista was only one row up and almost exactly in front of him. It was fun watching them smile and enjoy their accomplishments.

For the most part, the speakers were interesting and time moved by pretty fast. They started handing out the diplomas to those receiving doctorates and I thought the rest of the ceremony would last forever. Then it started moving pretty fast. Even though Brent and Krista were towards the end of the line, their side went first, so they ended up being in the middle. It was fun watching them cross the stage, but if you were not paying attention, you would have missed them. I heard a few others names that I knew and then we sat a little more and waited for the rest to walk. Before I knew it, we were all standing and congratulating all graduates. We slowly headed out of the building to find them, take a few pictures, and then make our way to the graduation party.

We arrived home with plenty of time to get everything ready that we needed. It had started raining during the ceremony and it continued for a moment. By the time the party started, the sun was out. It had turned into a beautiful day. The party went well as many of Brent’s and Krista’s friends showed up. We want to thank everyone for all the congrats and gifts as it was very much appreciated. It was a good day and a fun one to celebrate. Now I am glad that it is over and we can move onto a new chapter in our lives. Thanks for celebrating with us!

Posted by Jess

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