Outstanding Senior

The Powell parents arrived safely yesterday afternoon. It was just in time for Brent and I to head back to work after lunch, but at least we were able to show them around our place and let them get settled for a moment. After work, I headed up to campus to celebrate Brent’s achievements in the college of EHHD. He was awarded the Outstanding Senior in Technology Education award! Only one person in each department gets awarded this each year. Brent received this award because of his excellence both in and out of school, making relationships with both the staff and students in the community, and because of the legacy he is leaving behind in the Technology Education department. I may be a little bias here, but Brent was knocking other students on their heads with his work he was doing. He has set the bar high for students to come. I am so proud to have Brent as my husband and to see his achievements and hard work get recognized on the collegiate level. Brent worked hard with his education (at least when he finally realized what he wanted to do). I was excited to share in this event with both sets of our parents. What a blessing to have them both here.

Posted by Jess

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