A Magic Show

Last night Brent and I were given a gift of two tickets to the Jay Owenhouse magic show. We were also given some money for dinner. What a fun “free” date night. I have never been to a magic show before. (Or as it should really be called, an illusion show. It just doesn’t have as much flair though does it?) The show was definitely more directed towards the family, but it was still fun to watch. It was great to see him involve the audience, especially the children. The illusions are drawn out in order to actually put on a show and sometimes seemed to be a tad cheesy. I had two favorite acts that Jay did. The first one was when he joked around with a fake tiger and pretend to do all these different things with it, and then at the very end, he had replaced the fake tiger with a real one. The best part about this was to see this 13 month old tiger. He also did another act that had the tigers twin sister replace him. Oh to have two tigers living in your house and your backyard in Bozeman, Montana. (He is based out of Bozeman as he is from here. His family was actually the same as Owenhouse Hardware. Which I always find any history having to do with my Owenhouse interesting.) The second great act was one towards the very end when he got on a motorcycle, lifted himself and the bike in a cage, made a huge ban sound, and then appeared at the top of the stadium seating. It was a good way to almost end the show as he did do another act by making it snow. Just what we want in Bozeman, more snow. The show and evening overall was a fun one with my husband. We enjoyed our free date night and doing something new.

Posted by Jess

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